Get to know our full-service apparel solution

The core element of our concept is the broad and integrated support we provide on the most relevant topics, including marketing and sales, logistics and fulfilment, customs and VAT, financial organization, and compliance and regulations. To deliver this service, we have partnered with specialists throughout Europe, leveraging our extensive network of relations and contracts to offer you the best possible support.

Marketing & Sales

We facilitate your journey by leveraging our network of partners to advise on your European marketing and sales strategy, which covers everything from e-commerce and social media to branding, agents, and platforms, ensuring your products receive the exposure they deserve in the European fashion and sportswear market. We go further and help you find the right agents and distributors to unlock the European markets for you.


Logistics & Fulfilment

We offer expert advisory on logistics setup, fulfilment and strategy. We assist you in establishing your company’s presence in the European market. This service include logistics and fulfilment solutions, including distribution strategy, EU import arrangements, warehousing, storage, outbound and return processes, VAS (Value-added services), and transport.


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Customs & VAT

Through our extensive network of industry experts, we are able to offer customs and VAT services include tax advisory, corporate services and EU import/VAT representation, as well as advice on how to reduce duties on your exports to Europe


Finance & Credit Management

We provide an array of finance and credit management services for the fashion and textile industry. Our expert partners in credit management allows us to proactively identify and address potential disputes and issues at an early stage.



Compliance & Regulations

To enable European fashion market entry we will help you to meet essential compliance demands.