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Contact us and we will schedule an initial meeting. During this session, we will determine your needs and goals. Next, we will proceed with a quick scan and go through the questionnaire together. Based on the results of the quick scan, we can identify your company's requirements and determine which services are necessary. We will then create a road map and assist you in succeeding in the European market!

Gateway to Europe is a full-service export solution offered by the International Apparel Federation (IAF). It helps brands in navigating the European market. Our comprehensive support covers marketing and sales, logistics and fulfilment, customs and VAT, financial organization, and compliance and regulations.

Gateway to Europe offers a range of services to support your export efforts in Europe. Our services include tailor-made European marketing solutions, comprehensive logistics and fulfilment support, customs and VAT assistance, finance and credit management services, and compliance and regulation guidance.

Gateway to Europe has a deep understanding of the European fashion, sports and lifestyle markets and saves you time and costs in navigating you through Europe and helping you succeed in the European market. We provide integrated support in key areas, backed by our extensive network of relationships and contracts. Our experienced team and specialized partners ensure that you receive expert guidance and practical solutions tailored to your specific needs.

An intake and general advice are free of charge. You will be charged a cost-covering fee of €5000 for the quick scan and the resulting roadmap, export strategy advise and guidance during your European market entry project